Friday, January 26, 2018

2017 feed

--Winter & Spring--
[in no order]

2 Utah trips, Emilee comes home, Florida girls trip, Hirshhorn exhibit, 
nursing school graduation, NYC to see Dear Evan Hansen, Kings Dominion 

Monday, August 21, 2017

february 2k17: costa rica!

Miss Alyssa Ball became Mrs. Kimball in the beautiful San Jose Temple on February 10th! 4 of us flew out from DC + 1 from Miami to be there for her while also making a trip of it.

A few takeaways:

1. Nursing peers thought I was 100% insane for going out of the country the weekend before a scary MedSurg exam the following Monday morning (3 pics down you'll see evidence of me frantically studying on the beach). By some miracle, I ended up doing the best I ever have on a nursing test, so thank you Alyssa Kimball and thank you ~*pUrA vIdA*~

2. Definitely considering Alyssa's eloping-but-also-whoever-else-wants-to-come-is-invited idea for the future. Small & intimate, stunning location, and you're very much reminded of who is really important.

3. Still thinking about the passion fruit salad dressing at the rehearsal dinner (yeah ok no one cares)


Saturday was probably one of my favorite days of 2017. We spent the day in the jungle doing a zipline canopy tour and ended it at a local beach halfway between the tour and our hostel. I would put it down as the most beautiful beach I've been to, complete with the sweetest and most chatty local fisherman (thank you Dianna for translating). Give me all the lush, green jungles and remote beaches at twilight and I'm the happiest girl.